Accelerate Drug Development Trials at the Right Speed with CLINSpa

Leveraging our deep set Expertise in Technology and Image Interpretation Services, ICL helps CROs to streamline their drug development process.

Scale Securely and Globally with CLINSpa

CLINSpa's tried and tested end to end imaging trial workflow advances the client's imaging trial process and helps align the imaging trial timelines with overall developmental goals


Perfect for Life Sciences & Pharma Companies.

CLINSpa leverages it’s built in frame work for image acquisition & reporting across a network of of radiologists spread globally in different time zones. It takes a global curated approach within a secure and encrypted architecture. This facilitates proactive planning for trial adjustments and cost efficiency.


Robust and Scalable Designed to Exceed Expectations

Be it a Pipeline Molecule or a Phase IV trial, Machine learning or 3D Image Reconstruction Services, CLINSpa will take your workflow to all new levels of higher productivity.

Streamline your Workflow

A high end technology web-tool that’s convenient and exclusively designed to cater to all your imaging trial workflow needs.

  1. Secure Architecture

    Encrypted and redundant network compliant with HIPAA standards.

  2. In-Built Error Checks

    Protects against the risk of readers misinterpreting endpoints and overlooking minute details in an image.

  3. Audit Trail

    Detailed proceedings right from image upload to data export across multi geography are captured in CLINSpa.

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Be it in any Phase (Phase I. Phase II, Phase III or Phase IV) of clinical trial of pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device product, we are one stop solution for all your imaging needs.

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