Enabling AI across healthcare with the expertise of over 5 Million reads, 75+ Radiologists with a Global Diversity



Our profound expertise in radiology positions us with better insight for training a wide range of algorithms covering subspecialty areas like oncology, thoracic, pulmonary, vascular neuroimaging etc. Brainstorm with our pool of experts for all your business needs.


Annotated Data

Our extensive network across the globe allows us to leverage imaging data for a variety of research applications such as CAD tool development, deep learning and healthcare analytics. We train your deep learning algorithms to auto-detect visual fingerprints of multiple diseases; annotating every critical & subtle finding for a quality diagnosis.


Clinical Validation

Validate efficiency and accuracy of your algorithms using our Gold Standard Read Techniques. We can also help you develop protocols for validation.


Beta Test Sites

Our setup allows you to do real-world testing. Enable your product testing with our radiology workflow and a real-time clinical platform for real-time feedback.



Identify and capture new business opportunities utilizing our existing network of clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centers.

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