Data Management


Archival of Images

Managing increasing imaging data volumes in a clinical trial is a challenging task and larger data means longer backups and even longer retrieval time. Dramatically lower your storage costs and facilitate improved access to all your end users.

A cloud-based server that’s US government approved and HIPAA compliant, protects all your medical imaging records like base image, annotated image, and annotated image with the reporting secure from any natural disaster and facilitates faster and easy retrieval.

Multi-site architecture that enables smooth management of images and reports across multi geographical sites.

A foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan that includes policies, process, and procedures to ensure business continuity in case of any disaster to ensure the resumption of critical functions in the event of any unscheduled interruption.

ICL’s powerful archival solution offers seamless data integration and built-in analytics that gives you more powerful control over your data. Now all your imaging reports are available without the need to download any special software.


Generation of EDC

Data management in Clinical Imaging BG

Generation-of-EDC-in-Clinical-Imaging We can assure you a unique depth of experience and capabilities for Diagnostic Imaging in Clinical Trials.

  1. Image received

  2. Quality check on Received Image

  3. Read by the Reviewer

  4. PDF is Generated in CLINSpa

  5. EDC is Populated

  6. It is stored at a common platform with easy access for client.

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